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Chalets des Liarets Backstage...

Read the third edition of our series of interviews. Today, we are delighted to interview Tanya who spent a week with a large group of friends in the chalets in March 2015.

Chalets des Liarets (CDL). How did you hear about the Chalets des Liarets ?

Tanya (T).
By visiting it in person. We know Chamonix well and have been looking around it for a place for our event.

CDL. Where do you come from and why did you choose the Chalets des Liarets ?
T. My family and I came from the UK, and our group was international, Russian and English speaking (UK, Germany, Russia, USA, Canada).  Les Chalets des Liarets have attracted us by its size (suitable for a party of about 30 people), good location, picturesque views, convenient layout of the chalets, allowing all the guests to have privacy and to socialise together.

CDL. What was your favourite sport or social activity in the Chamonix area and why ?
T. Skiing is our favourite sport. We have been holding regular reunion events with friends in Chamonix for many years.

CDL. Can you share your best moment during your stay and why?
T. See the photos!

Thank you Tanya for your time!

The Chalets des Liarets team